Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Its the little things

Its the little things that make every day so special.

Last wednesday when Foster and I were at Gymboree class I got my first big open mouth smile out of my little stinker. I instantly teared up and had to look down so I didnt look like a crazy person. I had been waiting for that smile and trying so hard to get one out of him and there it was!!! I was so worried that I would go back to work and my mom would get his first smile, that would have broken my heart.

The next morning he was smiley and shared this one with my phone's camera:

Isnt it precious. I love this kid more than words can say and I just think hes ADORABLE!

Here is a picture from my phone that I took one night when we went upstairs to get ready for bed.... Its SO hard to put him to bed when he is being all cute and awake and wants to hang out!


On saturday we went over to Justin's parents house to have dinner and visit with his grandmother, aunt and parents. Foster was having a fine afternoon so us girls decided to run a couple errands after dinner and Justin, his dad, and grandma would stay there with Foster while we ran out. Poor baby had a horrible couple hours. He had a tummy ache and was SCREAMING when Justin called me. By the time we got home he was a little calmer but still lightly crying/whining. I scooped him up and it was like he suddenly felt a little better. I went in the other room, in the dark, and just rocked him and snuggled him and he quited down. It was as if he just "needed" his mommy. It was probably one of the best moments I have had being a mom. I just stared at him in awe and though how lucky I am to have this little boy who loves me. I sat there and just rocked him and listened to him breathe. Its so good to know that sometimes he "just needs his mommy" <3.

Sometimes I wonder if he will ever REALLY know how wanted he was and how loved he was (is). I think it will be hard to grasp just how much we wanted him unless (god forbid) he goes through something like we went through. I just hope that as he grows up he never questions just how much he is loved.
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  1. OMG that smiling pic is adorable!!!!!! I'm kinda really mad you didn't picture text it to me!!