Monday, October 17, 2011

Lots of Changes in the Daniel Household

We returned from our vacation on friday and spend the night settling in and unpacking. I, of course, had TONS of laundry to do so I got that started. We enjoyed just having some down time as a family. You could tell that Foster-man was happy to be back home.

Saturday we watched football and continued to unpack. Saturday night we went out to dinner with our friends, Tommy and Jerica, and then went back to their place to hang out. We had fun and Tommy took some pictures of Foster so I cant wait to see them (he is editing them, hes a professional photographer).

Sunday was another day filled with football and family time. I was also getting the house cleaned because I am hosting a Thirty-One party on monday evening after work! Sunday was also the last day that I had to prepare Foster's things for daycare. I got more things labeled and I put TONS of clothes away in his room and got his room more organized. We also hung the camera for his video monitor on the wall, finally.

This was the night we were moving him to his OWN CRIB in his OWN ROOM! Im not going to lie, I was totally sad about it all day. Its so nice having him right next to me and cudling him close right before bed. Its also reassuring to have him right there so I can make sure that he is breathing okay and doing well during the night. Ugh, can you tell I was dreading this?

So, we gave little man a bath so that he would smell good for school.

I fed him a bottle around 9:30 and then took him up to his room. We sat in his glider and read two books (ok, he was totally asleep but the books were more for me I guess.... haha). Then I swaddled him and put him in bed. EEEK!

I sat downstairs and stairs at the video monitor for 30 minutes before Justin said it was time for bed. HA! We laid in bed and he went right to sleep and I spent most of the night awake and watching the monitor.... I was so worried my little babe would need me and I wouldnt hear him. By the time I finally fell asleep (4am) I woke up (at 4:20) to the baby stirring and wanting to be fed. Justin fed him even though I stayed awake the whole time so I might as well have done it. Then we put him back down and I watched him for a good 20 minutes before falling asleep for 1.5 hours before the alarm went off. Needless to say, Im tired!

This morning we got up and got showered and ready then woke the baby up. I got his diaper changed and got him dressed for his first day of school then Justin fed him while I dried my hair. Then I packed him up and off to his first day of daycare we went!
Here is a picture of Foster with Mom and Dad before leaving for his first day of school:

I will update about school tonight after I pick him up =)

Happy Monday Everyone!

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