Thursday, October 27, 2011

Link Up: Eff, Marry, Kill!


Okay, more on the game we play...

It's called "Eff, Marry, Kill."

Basically, you choose 3 celebrities and the other person has to choose who'd they'd like to *ahem* make babies with, who they'd like to wed, and who could disappear.  I don't like to say I'd kill them.  That's a little violent for me.  And we always give our reasons.

So, here we go.... this week I am going to present the Grey's Anatomy Edition!
 1. Patrick Dempsey
 2. Eric Dane
3. Justin Chambers

My choices are as follows:
Eff: Justin Chambers (obviously, yum!)
Marry: Patrick Dempsey (he would make cute babies)
Kill: Eric Dane.... I know tons of people love him but I just dont get it. Totally not attractive to me. Dont get mad, I had to kill someone!!!!

Leave me a comment and let me know who you would Eff, Marry and Kill, please!


  1. I was torn between Revenge and Grey's for mine, so good choice in my opinion! Hmm, you know now that you say it, Mark, as hot as I used to find him IS bit weird lately, like he's lost his hotness to me, lol. So I think I have to agree with you on all 3!

  2. In real life, I agree. But as their characters? I'd Eff McSteamy, marry McDreamy, and kill Karev

  3. perfection! i don't get mcsteamy at all, he is creepy and dirty. although i bet i would get some sort of disease,etc from karev by effing him LOL.

    mcdreamy is so delicous :)

    cute blog, adorable baby boy you have :)

  4. I love McSteamy! And I can't stand McDreamy. Drives me insane!