About Us

My name is Lindsey and I am a 26 year old wife, nurse, and mommy-to-be! I am married to my best friend and the person I love more than anyone in the world, Justin. We started dating in highschool (back in 2003) and dated all through college. On April 10th 2008 Justin proposed and we were married on May 2nd 2009. It was the best day of our lives (up to that point!). 

Justin and I had been together for 6 years when we got married and we decided that we wanted to start a family right away. We had just built a 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house in a great neighborhood full of kids, we had stable jobs, jobs that would allow us flexibility to have a baby and care for it, we had family all around us whom we wanted our child to know before they were gone, we had all our ducks in a row..... or so we thought. 

You spend years be careful not to get pregnant because it is "so easy" when the truth is for some its not. Well for us it wasnt. One thing after another led us to doctor after doctor looking for answers and a solution. They told us simple medicine would work.... we tried 8 cycles and it didnt. They told us that IUIs would be the answer and that we would never have to go past pills and IUIS.... we tried 2 of those and they didnt work. They said that injectable meds and IUIs would work.... we tried 5 of those and they didnt. So finally it was time to move on to IVF w/ICSI (in vitro fertilization), the place they told us we would never get to. we put everything into that cycle... we were sure it was the answer. We spend thousands upon thousands of dollars, I took hundreds of pills, shots and medications. Everything went "perfect". It didnt work. That was it... there was nothing else to try, we had done it all and failed. All we could do was try again, which trust me, is NOT easy. So we geared up for another cycle and we did an IVF with frozen embryos from our first IVF. So again, thousands of dollars, hundreds of pills, shots, patches, and medications. A 3 month cycle of me becoming a pin cushion and it happened.... we were pregnant! It was rocky from the start with issues in our beta numbers and tests coming back with less than stellar results but here we are about welcome our MIRACLE into this world.