Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello from Marco Island!

Yesterday was our first big trip with Foster! Justin's work has a conference/trip to Marco Island Florida each year and he was invited this time. It is a family friendly trip and family is invited to some of the dinners and events! We couldnt pass this up, so we decided that Foster and I would join him. This meant one big obstacle: Taking a newborn on an airplane. Packing was SO stressful. What do you pack for a newborn you may ask? EVERYTHING. We looked like we were traveling to Africa for a month.

Foster was SUCH a good boy. He did fine in the airport and he did GREAT on the plane. He didnt cry once. We fed him a bottle on the way up to "pop" his ears with the sucking and then he slept most of the time we were in the air and on the way down he slept and didnt even need a bottle for the descent.

{Picture with Daddy on the plane}
 {Checking out the plane!}
 {Sleeping for most of the flight}
 {Taking a walk to see some palm trees and show Foster Florida}

We went to dinner at a beach restaurant here at the resort with 2 other couples. It was on the beach and we sat on an open patio and there were fans making a nice breeze. It was wonderful =) Then we came back to the room and went to bed early because we were all tired from traveling!

{Good Morning Baby Boy}
 {The view from bed}
 {STRETCH! Get ready for the day}

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  1. Foster is just too adorable! I love the pic of him stretching in the morning. Davie does that, too - it's hard to change her diaper when she stretches those legs out straight! ;) I hope your trip is wonderful and you guys have a great time!