Thursday, October 6, 2011

Childcare Changes

The plan all throughout my pregnancy and after Foster arrived was that my mom and dad would have Foster monday through friday while Justin and I worked. This made me happy because I knew that they would be paying tons of attention to him and he would have everything that he needed! Its nice to think that when you go back to work your baby will be watched by someone/people that love him almost as much as you do.

Well, this all fell through. On the thursday before I had to go back to work my mom decided that "after 2 weeks of research and consideration" she was going to refuse to get the pertussus and flu vaccines. I was so angry and so upset. How could she not do something that was so important to Foster's safety and wellbeing?! I know that my mom doesnt believe in medicine (yes, im a nurse... we dont agree on much) but I COULD NOT BELIEVE that she couldnt do this one thing for me, just this year. She claims that vaccines are neuro-toxins that cause alzheimers and parkinsons and all kinds of other crazy mumbo-jumbo. She googled anything negative that she could about vaccines but never bothered to look at the benefits or REAL research about them. She looked for the information that she wanted... the information that said "vaccines are killers". So ignorant.

So, she cant watch him. I am not going to risk his life because she is ignorant. Once he is old enough (6 months) to get his flu shot and have his series of 3 DTAPs then she can watch him but until then she cant have him 40 hours a week. Im not risking the baby I spent 2.5 years conceiving, $50,000 in medical treatments, and possibly the only baby I will ever have. I know the odds are in his favor but if something happened I would NEVER forgive myself. So, I had to make a mommy decision and do what I thought was best for Foster, not for me. I made sure to talk to my pediatricians and see that it was really that important for her to have the vaccines and they assured me that it is.

It was a rough couple of days and a lot of panic. Let me tell you, when you are already upset and worried about going back to work suddenly not having anywhere for your baby to go DOESNT HELP. So the next day, my last day home with him (besides the weekend), I went and toured a daycare. Luckily, I know the director of the facility (it's my best friend's sister-in-law) and my best friend used to work there for I know its a great place. We decided that this was the best option for us because it was close to Justin's work among other things.

So on October 17th Foster will start daycare.

He is going to be in a classroom that is for 6weeks to 12 months of age. He will have his own crib and cubby and we have TONS to get ready. All of his clothes and bottle and belongings have to be labeled! This called for one thing.... ETSY!
Here is what I ordered:

{labels for bottles, pacifiers, cups, etc.}

{iron on clothing, sheet, blanket, etc. labels- I got the bottom one with the teal&green and script}

{more clothing etc. labels because I realized that 28 would not be enough unless he wears the same 5 outfits every week, haha!}

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  1. I am so sorry you had to change things up but am glad you found a great place. My family was thankfully very willing to get their vaccines and Truitt is old enough that he has now gotten the 3 rounds of the DTAP and he got his first flu shot yesterday.

    Those labels are all SO cute!!!

    (P.S.-has he gone on a followup for his vision yet?)

  2. He seems to be seeing a lot better. They think that he was having delayed vision due to prematurity. Following his adjusted age more for his eyes it seems!

  3. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that your mom dug her heels in on that. Hopefully she'll realize what a big mistake it was on her part, she's missing the chance to form a great bond with her grandchild!

  4. Thank you so very much for your post on my blog today. It meant the world to me. :)

  5. How stressful! and sad! :(. Your mom is goiNg to miss out on so much! I hope she changes her mind, and that you and Foster love the new daycare