Saturday, July 2, 2011

DIY Shadowbox

Since I had so many people ask me how I made the shadowbox I am going to give the directions below! First I want to give credit to Jen @ The World of Dennifer, again, who gave me the idea and how to that I tweaked!

So here is a list of supplies:
1- 12x12 shadowbox (or whatever size you want to make). I got mine at target for $9.98!
1 (or in my case 2)- Paper Punches- I used Martha Stewart paper punches because they word really well.
1- 12x12 (or your size)- white piece of cardstock to stick all the punches onto
Cardstock in patterns that you want to punch out of (paper is too thin and you really need something thicker to use so cardstock works great!)
1- Small package of Glue Dots
1- Ruler
1- Pencil

1. Gather materials
2. Use the punch (or punches) to punch out your animals/shapes
3. I marked 1 inch margins around the edge of the cardstock so that I wouldnt cover up any punches and it would be symmetric (because I am obsessive).
4. I then went across the top with a ruler and made a tiny dot at every inch to put the punches on. I only marked the first row.
5. Stick the first row of punches to the paper and then follow each row. (I did an outline of owls then did elephants, which were wider, in the center so my center rows had more space between elephants to accommodate).
6. Use ruler to apply all other rows in straight fashion
7. Place in shadowbox!

- Press glue dots down FIRMLY
- Lay out all the punches before you glue any to make sure that you like the pattern and that you dont have any identical pattern punches close together (if you are OCD like me).
- Have fun!

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