Saturday, July 2, 2011

DIY Frame Wall

I wanted to plan a frame wall for Foster's nursery above his dresser so I set out to do this without spending a ton of money.

~Frames of varying sizes- I got all my frames on clearance at michaels and hobby lobby and they were scuffed up and scratched so I planned to paint them.
~Scrapbook papers- I used scrapbook papers to fill many of my frames instead of photos so that they would compliment the room and the shadowbox
~Large Prints of your choice- I used alphabet and number prints to use for the larger frames
~First year Frame- I will add Foster's pictures to this as we take them each month after he is born
~Paint- if you plan to paint the frames
~Someone who is good at hanging =)

1. First I painted the frames white with the left over paint that we had from painting the wainscoting in the nursery.
2. Figure out how you want to lay out your frames and what pictures you want in what frames. This was the hardest part for me, I had trouble figuring out what papers and photos to put where!
3. Fill the frames and get someone good at hanging to hang them up!


  1. That looks so great! I started a frame wall in my little girl's nursery( I posted about it at ), and it definitely needs to be beefed up a little. Or a lot. This is the look I'll be going for in the end. By the way, I found you through the link party over at notjustahousewife!