Sunday, July 17, 2011

Overdue update!

So last I updated I was in L&D doing a 24 hour urine and have contractions every 5 to 6 minutes but they werent making any changes to my cervix. I completed the 24 hour urine on thursday and the results were NOT what they wanted. I was diagnosed with mild preeclampsia but they agreed to send me home thursday evening to bedrest and to see my OB the next morning for a BP check and urine dip to make a plan.
So Friday morning I went to the OB. Blood pressure was 150 (something) over 106. Ob put me on bedrest and said NO MORE WORK and we are going to play it day by day. I have to be checking my blood pressure at home and if my systolic (top number) goes over 160 or my diastolic (bottom number) goes over 110 I would have to go to L&D and do hospital bedrest or deliver.
She said our goal is to get to 37 weeks (aka two weeks from the day I saw her).
She did give me permission to go ahead and be in the wedding that I was supposed to be in saturday but to take it very easy and stay off my feet. Well I was the maid of honor so that was kinda impossible.
The wedding was beautiful and my best friend made the most gorgeous bride. I was having almost constant contractions towards the end of the day (starting at about 530) and was also having stabbing pains in my right front side under my ribs. My blood pressure was floating right around where she was worried about it being so I called my OB after all the formalities were over (around 10pm) and unfortunately she said I had to go in to L&D because she was worried that the pain might be coming from my liver.  
So, to L&D we went. Luckily the labs she ran came back ok, my cervix was still closed,and the monitoring was better once I had been resting and they let us go home to bedrest with no exceptions. They think the pain was just stronger contractions maybe.
Here I am, parked on the couch! I cant believe we should meet this guy in less than 2 weeks more than likely, ahhhh! 


  1. I am so glad everything is okay! Rest, rest, rest :)

  2. Oh wow!!! My sis-in-law delivered my nephew last September at 36 weeks and my nephew is JUST FINE! So don't worry about a thing! I'm on bedrest with twins hoping to make it to 36 weeks(currently 32 weeks 4 days)! I am on meds to stop contractions. Bed rest is VERY emotionally and physically difficult, but so so worth it! Hang in there! :-)

  3. Oh, she delivered him for the same problem you are having... blood pressure!

  4. Oh my gosh, bless your heart! You did your BFF duties, now stay off those feet and keep that baby baking! You are so close now!