Tuesday, July 19, 2011

OB Appt

I had another OB appt this morning as follow up to the 2 hospitalizations I have had in the past week. 
Blood pressures still stink, NST was good. OB is worried and feels we are on the edge of bedresting it out and inducing me. She has me doing another 24 hour urine overnight tonight to see if the protein amount in my urine has gotten worse or stayed about the same. I am taking that in tomorrow and having a growth ultrasound to check on Foster and check that he is still growing in there and that his growth didnt slow due to the issues.
I am still contracting a lot. Usually every 5 to 6 minutes but not making any progress.... cervix is still closed (she checked it today).
They also drew labs today to look at my liver etc. On top of that she started me on a blood pressure med which she normally hospitalized for but let me do it at home since im an RN and she was comfortable that I would monitor myself well and contact her with any issues.
So for now we are still playing it day-to-day. The bad news is that my OB goes on vacation next week and she and I both agree it would be DEVASTATING if I had him when she wasn't there to deliver so we are avoiding next week at all costs! 

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