Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Funday!

This morning we woke up and quickly got ready because the plan for today was Foster's first zoo trip! This was the outfit that Foster wore for the zoo since we could easily take off his cardigan if it got warm (it was actually cool and overcast here this morning). The onesie and cardigan have elephants on them!

Foster was super excited to be at the zoo with Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Meg, and Sherry! We bought a zoo membership today since we plan to take Foster here all the time since I absolutely love zoos and aquariums. 

Here is a picture of mommy and daddy with foster at the flamingo exhibit!

 Anyone who knows me knows that I love Manatees so this picture was necessary =)
 Daddy and Foster with the Manatees!
 We stopped to feed Foster and have lunch so Aunt Sherry was more than happy to hold the little guys for his "30 minutes of UP time" that he has to have because of his reflux.

Daddy found AWESOME hat in the gift shop.... we didnt buy it, darn! hahaha, just kidding.

After the zoo Meg and I came back to the house and watch Sex and the City 2 while I snuggled with Foster.... much needed snuggle time. The poor little guy is still having bad tummy aches and really cries and struggles to try and poop. He also has lots of gas and you can tell it really hurts him. He will wake up out of a dead sleep and scream. I called the Pediatrician and asked what we can do for him and they are having us switch formulas to a "sensitive tummy for fussiness and gas" formula. Hopefully this will help!!!

After dinner and some more snuggling Foster had a total blow out and pooped alllll over me. This meant that it was bath time! After his bath (which he is starting to like more than in the beginning) we put him in his adorable robe!

Then in his PJs for the night. Arent the cute?! Grandma Chesnut got this for him.

Then he spent a long time on his playmat and got to hear a couple books while he was playing.

We then got out his basket of toys and let him see which ones he liked. He fell in LOVE with his seahorse and it is totally his favorite toy now!

After about 2 hours of being awake and playing it was time for a bottle and couch time to watch a harry potter movie <3

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  1. Love all these photos! I'm glad you guys had fun at the zoo! I love all of his outfits...especially those new jammies from Grandma!

  2. Busy busy boy!!!! My sister was having poo problems with her little guy too and they switched form similac sensitive to enfamil and it worked great. He's also on prescription meds for gas and reflux but I'm not sure what those are.