Sunday, August 14, 2011

Foster's weekend, so far..

Friday night we got to go visit Amie and Chris! Mom and Foster went to dinner with Amie at Cane's chicken while daddy and Chris went to play volleyball. Afterwards we went back to the house and spent some time in the nursery that Amie and Chris have perfectly decorated for their little twin girls who are due in just 8 short weeks!!!!

On Saturday we ran some errands and then gave Foster a bath, which he starting to hate less. I loooove giving him baths because he smells so wonderful when he's done!

Then we went to a cookout at Emily and Nicks house!!! Foster had a really good time there and got to snuggle with Emily, Mandy, Ashley and some others. All day his tummy had been hurting so we knew he needed to poop but at a feeding while there foster accidentally did this to daddy:

Sorry for the nasty pic but this was toooooooo funny :) it definitely scared some party-goers.

On Sunday we woke up early for mom to do homework because she had a tests to prepare for. Grandpa Chesnut came over to visit and Foster spent some fun time on his activity mat!

Auntie Meg arrived to stay for the week and brought Foster a very awesome gift:

It's a onesie :)

Then mommy washed the tv remote in the washing machine.... Dammit!!!!!!

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  1. Love this post! That explosive poo was HILARIOUS :) Oh, and I loved your mishap with the remote, haha!!