Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Daddy's 27th Birthday (Aug 20th)

I have been slacking a little bit so I am going to catch up now. First of all, Aug 19th was Foster's due date. It was so weird that it was his 4 week bday but it was actually the date that he was due to enter the world. We went out on friday night (the 19th) to dinner and a bar with about 10 of our friends and it was a really good time. Nana babysat for us while we went out =) On

The 20th was Justin's birthday and he turned 27! We went over to his parents house for dinner and to celebrate. My parents went over there as well! Here are some pictures from the day:

Daddy and Foster at dinner time:

Daddy with a present from Foster and I. I got him some clothes and Foster got him a picture frame that said: "Best Dad" and had a picture of the two of them in it for Daddy's desk at work!

Daddy's birthday cake that I ordered. Justin LOVES fondant so I got him a special cake!

Daddy getting ready to blow out the candles:

Daddy and Foster:

Our Family <3

Foster with Great-Grandma Daniel:

Foster with Grandpa Chesnut:

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