Monday, September 5, 2011

Enough already, UNCLE!!!!!!

I have been hesitant to post about this and scare my close family/friends before I really know any details but the truth is that this is where I pour my heart out and it just doesnt feel right not to write about this here.

Justin and I are EXTREMELY concerned about Foster's vision... really his ability to see period. It started out with us just wondering if he was seeing but then every once in a while we would have a moment where he seemed to connect gazes with us. Truth is, those moments are rare and its probably coincidental. 
Foster doesnt make eye contact.
He doesnt look at a toy being shook right in his face (he doesnt even move his eyes towards it).
He doesnt look around the room when he hears my voice to find me.
He doesnt respond with his eyes when we talk right at him.
He seems to look right through things and just have a blank stare.
You can literally put your finger right up to his eyeball and he doesnt blink or react as if he even knows its there.
When he gets scared I have to put my face right into his and talk to him and rub his head and have 2 handed contact for him to begin calming down. Its like he gets scared and its extra scary because he thinks he is alone. He takes a minute to realize that "mommy is here" and it breaks my heart. When I look at him and cant connect it terrifies me that he may not see this beautiful world that is all around him.

The bath TERRIFIES him. He didnt get it before why he would blood curdling scream unless someone has their hands all over him the whole time. Now I think its because he is in water, cant see, feels water dump on him and thinks he is in danger.

Needless to say, we are panicked over this. Many times I will turn around to see Justin trying to get a sign that Foster sees and then disappointedly look at me and say "Im so worried". "I am too, I am too" is all I can think.

I am calling the pediatrician tomorrow to get in about this ASAP because its breaking our hearts worrying and wondering.

I feel like when it comes to all the issues I cant really take anymore..... I wanna scream "UNCLE".


  1. I can only imagine how you're feeling right now. I hope you get some answers soon and PLEASE keep us updated!

  2. oh lindsey, this post makes me want to cry. I know that every time I think of Abbie being hurt or having difficulties, my heart aches, so I can only imagine how worried you and your husband are. I know you would do anything for him. Foster will be in my prayers every single day until we hear good news. And if we don't, then I will pray every single day for healing. Hang in there, Lindsey! Big hugs to you and the little guy! xoxo