Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day from hell.

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Today was the DAY.FROM.HELL!!!
My DH woke me up almost 40 minutes late (before he left for work... was home but just forgot !??!?!??!??!).
I didnt get to dry my hair.
I went downstairs to find NO clean bottles when I was already running late. Fed my son half of a feeding because I could only find two 2 ounce bottles and didnt have time to feed him the second till I got to the dr.
Rushed out to the car and there was no CARSEAT base in my car because DH stole it for his car. GREAT.
Went upstairs to get the spare that was still in the box and had to try and figure out how to put it in the car.
Looked in the trunk, no stroller like DH was supposed to leave in my car this morning.
By the time i left I was supposed to be at the Dr in 10 minutes and its 30 minutes away. I called and they said that I could reschedule for 2 weeks from thursday..... um no. I said "ill just try and get there before the 15 minute window closes".
I think they let me wait because I looked like a rabid dog when I walked in that place! So basically my dr drew more labs, is sending me for a gallbladder and liver ultrasound and to see a specialist. She has no idea why my liver is doing what it is doing.
By this time i was late for Fosters appt. so I called and luckily they accommodated and let me come 30 minutes after my scheduled time.
The Pedi saw exactly what we see.... that Foster doesnt seem to be seeing anything but bright light. That being said he has a red-reflex in both eyes (which he should have), all his anatomy seems to be there, and his pupils dilate and constrict. So she is called a pediatric opthamologist to see what we should do from here.
So, we got NO answers today but we are working on it.
Add to this a bottle spilling on me, my car refusing to unlock because my remote must be dying, getting home and realizing that my son was in his car seat but not strapped in for the whole ride home (OMG! Worst mother EVER) and its been quite a day.
DH is gone all night coaching and playing hockey so im on my own to wallow in this misery of a day.
Oh P.S. my dog just ate a whole bag of DHs Reasins (Spelling?!).... AWESOME! 
P.S.S. After all this I made myself dinner because DH is gone and I went to the bathroom for one second and came out to find that the same PITA dog ate my dinner. FML.
And I cant drink this away or take meds for my migraine because of my liver.


  1. (((((((((hugs))))))))) what a craptastic day. Thankfully tomorrow is a new one!

    I hope Foster gets to see a pediatric opthamologist soon!! Keeping him in my prayers!

  2. oh my what a day! sounds like u need a BIG hug!