Sunday, January 8, 2012

Xmas 2011- Foster's First Christmas!

On Christmas Eve day we had christmas with my family. My aunt (who I have always been VERY close with) and her daughter came to spend christmas with us. It was SO nice to have them here and for Foster to get to meet them. Its so hard living across the country from the ones that you love (They live in Texas).

Here are some pictures from their visit:
 Justin, Reisha, Isabel & Foster
 The tree and lots of presents!
 Foster checking out his first ever stocking!
 Foster and Grandpa
 Foster helping Grandma open gifts
 Checking out his new bunny
 Grandpa taking the trash out and being silly!
 Foster's Learning Home that he asked for, YAY!
 Grandma and Grandson
 Being a good little boy and helping dad unwrap a gift
 Checking out his new quilt and burp cloths from mommy
 He loved them =)
 Checking out his new steering wheel/car from his grandparents

After a wonderful day with my family we headed up to Justin's grandmother's house, 3 hours away. We went to his aunt's house that night to visit all the people they had over for their annual christmas eve party then went to Gram's and went to bed.... Santa had to come after all!
 Opening a stocking with his Great-Grandma
 There is nothing like christmas at Great-Gram's house <3
 Checking out the goods
 With his Grandpa 
 Santa Came!!!!!!
 The basement tree
 Nana and Foster sneaking from cuddles
 Mommy helping Foster open his stocking from Santa (mommy is NOT feeling well)

 Aunt Sherry is our favorite elf =)

By then it was about 9am and I spent the rest of Foster's first Christmas in the hospital. I was having excruciating pain all across my upper abdomen and was lightheaded and nauseous. I went to the ER in the town that we are in (we went out of town for xmas to see Justin's family). I was there ALL day, without my baby, and missed pretty much all of his first xmas. 

I had to drink a huge dye drink for an abdominal CT scan, get IV contrast also. Got the CT, it showed "an extremely large mass which we think might be an ovarian cyst"... so they wanted to do an ultrasound. They said the only reason it would be causing pain where I described was if it was leaking. There was no ultrasound tech in so they had to call one to come in from an hour away (ugh! MORE WAITING when all I wanted to do was get home to my baby). About this time the meds they were giving me for my nausea wasnt working anymore. They had to give me zofran, phenergan and morphine to help control it. Then I had 2 hours of ultrasounds, both transabdominal and intravaginal. She could NOT find anything on my ovary. She kept leaving to call the Dr at Cleveland Clinic who had looked at my CT scan to get direction. By this time I was freaking out and crying because I was terrified what "an extremely large mass (over 3inches across) could be if not an ovarian cyst..... Cancer?!

She finally finishes and taked me back to my room in the ER. Then more waiting. The bloodwork wasnt very helpful, the urine didnt help except to for telling them I wasnt pregnant (no SHIT!) and I am on like day 80 of this cycle (no period since october).

Basically they cant figure out what could be causing the issues that I was having. After some doctors conferencing they decided that they think the mass was an enlarged portion of my bowel. They wanted to admit me but I said no, I wanted to go home. Justin had to drive an hour each way to go get me all my meds they sent me home on because that was the closest pharmacy open on xmas night. I went back to his grams and laid in bed dying all night. 

I feel awful that we missed Fosters 1st xmas and cried most of the day in the hospital because I felt so guilty. Because of me Foster was without his mommy and daddy on xmas, Justin had to be in a hospital starving and bored all day. Overall it was awful and I feel awful. They said I need to see my surgeon ASAP so thats the next step. Till then zofran, phenergan and percocets. 

Since then I have gotten back to feeling much better. We never figured out what was wrong but let me tell you; MY BODY HATES ME.

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  1. Foster looks like he had a wonderful Christmas! He is so adorable. I am so sorry to hear you were in so much pain :( Good luck with your next appointment. I hope you continue feeling well.