Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The end of an Era...

First, I know that some of you wont understand this but thats because you didnt go to Penn State. You dont call Happy Valley your home, you didnt stand and scream in those stand behind a coach that means the world to you. Penn State football is as much about JoePa as it is about the team.

Today is one of the saddest days of my life. I am so sad for those children and families.  I am sad this happened at all. I am sad for Joe Paterno. I am sad because I think that the AD and Spanier betrayed him and let him take the fall for thier lack of action. I am sad that a man who has always stood for morality, charity, education and the love of the game is having his spotless record tarnished.

I am mad that Sanducky is an aweful human and I am mad that he put my univeristy and my coach at risk and in this situation in the first place.

I am DEVASTATED that my son wont grow up watching Joe Paterno coach at Penn State. I am devastated that he wont get the opportunity to grow to love a man and a football program rich with tradition and coached by a man of epic proportions.

I knew that at some point Joe woud retire and I feared that day because I dont know a Penn State without Joe Paterno. I love him. I will always love him. I know what he stood for and I believe in him.
At this point my heart is broken but my spirit remains true... WE ARE PENN STATE.

The boys in blue and white know what Joe stands for and they are at Penn State playing because they want to play for Joe Pa. So this weekend, and the rest of this season, those players in their nameless jerseys are going to play their hearts out for a man that we all love.... they are going to play as ONE, the way that Joe preaches, in the uniforms that he has kept unchanged, FOR HIM. So, if you want to see heart then watch as the Nittany Lions play their hearts out for JOE PATERNO... because a fire has been lit that noone can put out while Joe is in Beaver Stadium.
Thanks for the memories, Joe. We love you!
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  1. Thank you from a life long resident of the community/2 time PSU Graduate/Wife, daughter, neice, cousin, and friend of countless PSU graduates. I know most people will not understand this situation and will continue to criticize "us" for something they will never be able to comprehend.

  2. I hope all is well... haven't "heard" from you in a while and I've been wondering how you and Foster are!

  3. I would love to add you to Katelyn's blog. :) Just send me your email: